Mens Watches: Tips For Purchasing An Action Timepiece

By Jake Zertosky

Even though most men carry cell phones and there are clocks built into computers, televisions and recorders, most people still like the convenience of a wrist watch. There is a wider selection of mens watches than ever before, thanks to the Internet. Dozens of websites specialize in watches of every imaginable type from fancy dress watches to watches suitable for pilots and explorers. You can find watches for sale in every large retail store in the country. Here are a few tips for determining the proper sports watch for your needs.

Production Quality

Some of the features to look for in a sports watch are the quality of the components. Is the crystal shatter resistant? Does the case of the watch resist erosion, water, dust and impacts? Because you wear a sports watch in many types of activities, you want one that is good quality for the price. A sports watch doesn't have to be expensive in order to perform well, but solid components will last longer than cheap components.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

You may be familiar with some of the major brand names that produces sports watches. These big names usually have a range of prices and quality, but it's up to you to choose the price/function combination that works best for you. If you have knowledge of or experience with a specific brand, you can choose a watch from that company. If you are not sure about a model or brand name in watches, check for expert reviews to find out what information other people have placed on the Internet.

Resistance to Water

There are many types of sports events, some of which are dry, others have high humidity. A sports watch that is useful for swimmers must be water resistant. You can check the instructions that come with the watch to determine how much water the watch will withstand. Safe immersion for fifty minutes should be a standard for sports watches. If you plan to be snorkeling or diving, the watch will need to withstand more water pressure.


Although some would consider a sport's watch to have less need for appearance considerations, there is no reason why a watch worn during strenuous activities cannot be just as attractive as a watch worn to the theater. Sport watches are available in many different looks. Cases in stainless steel or titanium are common today. Straps can be of leather or can be of expansion links. There are even designs in flexible chains.

Keeping Accurate Time

A sports watch for a man often is used in sports events such as races. Such watches must be accurate to fractions of a second. Watches can be digital or less commonly mechanical, but they must be accurate. If you are determining the exact speed of an event, you must have an accurate timepiece.

Additional Features

With some sports watches, you can include a lap timer function. This will tell you how long it takes to run a lap at the sports field. A lap timer for a bicycle trail, or for the race track can be helpful in your exercise program too. Some sports watches include a stop watch feature. Another 'nice-to-have' is the tachometer. These can be included to make your new watch more useful.

Mens watches are appropriate for wrist wear. You can place a watch in a pocket or in a case. Sports watches typically are for wrist wear since you need easy access. - 31400

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