Womens Watches - Accessory Or Time Piece

By Manuel Vintagoli

The watch industry has gone through some dramatic changes throughout time. Technology has created a plethora of options to facilitate the demands of anyone that needs to know the time. However, with womens watches this explosion has also created a fashion option that is currently the craze.

If you read any of the Fashion magazines you will see that even the top designers are adding watches to almost every style that are creating. If you are not familiar with the available options, this can create many challenges for the fashion conscious woman. Whereas watches in the past were worn to tell the time, there are now colors, styles and sizes to offer you the proper accessory for every occasion.

Each year, at Fashion Shows all over the world, the Designers always use watches to accentuate their fashions. Of course they are designed to enhance and not to overshadow the outfit, but you can see that even top world designers are totally aware that to finish the final look, the proper choice of a watch will set you off.

It is important to understand how the quality of watches can affect the price. In most cases, if the watch has a quartz movement, the cost of that movement is about the same. Where the cost rises is when you are buying a name brand or a watch that has additional features. If the watch is a chronograph, the movement has to be better quality to handle all of the functions. If you add real diamonds or other quality stones, this will add to the cost.

What has made this category even more fun is that you can find womens watches in almost any store you enter. There are hundreds of manufactures with so many styles it will boggle the mind. Knowing what you need to properly accentuate the clothe choices that you have made, will make your shopping trip more enjoyable. Do not limit yourself to just shopping at the mall. There are boutiques, kiosks and even flea markets that can satisfy every need that you may have and not be a financial challenge.

A recent trend has been to have exposed dials and large bezels on womens watches. If you can find a style that you like with multiple dials or straps or in some cases, bracelets, you can accomplish most of your fashion needs with one watch. More importantly, you can usually find watches offering these options almost anywhere. Clothing stores, jewelry stores and even flea markets can have hundreds of choices and offer pricing that will make you smile.

When you head out to shop, have a plan. If not, you will likely walk out the store with a bag of watches! You can mix and match and you should seek watches that offer exchangeable dials or straps, so you can match colors with your outfit. There are as many options in the sports watch line, so again consider appearance and functionality. Most watches today are water resistant. However, unless it is stated to have a depth maximum, water resistant only means that if you get it wet it will likely not be ruined. That being said, you should never wear your watch in the shower as the steam can seep through the seal of your watch and will steam up the crystal and ultimately damage the movement.

As with most accessories, convenience is important. So shop wisely and you can find most everything that you will ever need. Try not to restrict yourself as you have so many options it can get confusing. Think of your watch as not only something to get you to your location on time, but a compliment to your outfit. Womens watches are a style function and you can have some fun in creating the look that you wish. - 31400

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