Rolex and Recession: Now that Times Are Hard, Should You Invest in a Rolex?

By Roman Streib

A Reuters story that appeared late last year said that Singaporeans are now trading their Rolex watches, including the popular Datejust watches, and are now settling for less pricey brands. This is because recession has hit the Asian city-state quite badly and people are trying to cash in on the value of their Rolex watches.

This only goes to show that in times of crisis, you can rely on your Rolex Oyster Perpetual to save you - that is, if you have one. Jewelers all over the world are reporting that the demand for both brand new and pre-owned Datejust and Oyster watches is still climbing despite the global recession. And instead of prices going down, as in the case of other luxury watches, they are even going up for the Rolex.

If your fortunate enough to have money to invest, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust would be a great starting point. Gold is at an all time high and with cash4gold watches are coming a commodity. The Rolex has craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated and if you decide to sell your watch down the line, give it a good buff and you could make a good return.

This fact is a testament to both the engineering excellence and the marketing brilliance of Rolex. When it comes to making watches, Rolex sets the standards. The Oyster Perpetual Datejust, in particular, was the first wristwatch to feature a date display, as well as the first wristwatch ever given a chronometer rating by the Contrle Officiel Suisse des Chronomtres (COSC). A chronometer rating is a certification of accuracy for a timekeeping device.

As for the marketing aspect, no one can question Rolex for their expertise on that. The company may mass-produce an Oyster watch model, but they also release limited editions of the same model. As we all know, the rarer something is, the harder it is to get and the higher its value becomes. One of the Oyster Perpetual watches that are so hard to find these days are the famed Paul Newman Daytona watches. It is said that a Paul Newman Daytona watch now costs seven times its original retail price.

As a rule of thumb investors always say that in a time of crisis, like our depression, people should invest in tangible commodity rather then put the money in the bank. The FDIC backs up 250,000USD now but money is backed up in gold. So go straight to the source and invest in a good watch.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust comes in 18K gold as well as diamonds. Gold is the most precious metal that is used in super computers and linear accelerators that cost billions of dollars and run experiences daily. Holding on to your Rolex Datejust might be the smartest investment move you can do. Gold doesn't understand interest rates and inflation, it just grows in value at an alarming rate. - 31400

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